Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yoga Boga - Jeff Mah is the man!

I have been pretty committed to my yoga practice this past month and I am feeling some really positive benefits stemming from that dedication. My mind seems calmer, my body is feeling fit and my awareness is heightened. I am becoming a great observer of my adventure!

One of the people who inspires me a great deal in this world is my friend and yoga teacher, Jeff Mah. He has a brilliant ability to ask questions that make you explore your world from a different perspective. Jeff shows that yoga can be playful and hardcore all at the same time. He leads a class like no one else I have ever experienced - he makes you want to peel back the layers of yourself and discover something new. Who knew that holding a wall sit for 2 minutes could be so satisfying! 

I always leave Jeff's classes feeling a deeper connection to myself and my purpose. I leave questioning my thoughts and my actions - making sure they are in line with the greatest expression of myself. I also leave feeling the burn! 

One time, while in Vancouver at an amazing Lululemon retreat, Jeff and I went for a cruiser bike ride. During the ride, we had such a rad chat. One of the questions that I brought up was, "Why do you stay in Calgary"? For those of you who have never been here, Calgary is more known for it's Oil and Gas than for it's Yogi's. Jeff thought for a second and then simply answered, "Because a city like Calgary needs people like me". He is completely in service of elevating people and his community and I love that. 

I wanted to give a shout out to Jeff today because I believe he has a very special gift - one that needs to be celebrated. Congratulations Jeff on being amazeballs! Thanks for continually helping me to turn my world upside down, inside out and backwards ;)


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